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Om Orlando och vapen och hat

14 juni, 2016

Igår skrev jag på Facebook:

One of my haha-silly-Julia anecdotes is that when we moved to San Diego, I fell asleep the first night worried about what I thought were gunshots but were in fact fireworks over Sea World. Silly foreigner!

But then there was a shooting at a nearby school. And then a lockdown where we sat in our classroom while a boy walked through the school who’d threatened to shoot his girlfriend. And innumerable instances of gun violence that were close but not close enough to give me the same nightmares.

There were also recurring issues of whether the Gay/Straight Alliance should be allowed to operate in the same ways and as visibly as other school clubs.

When I go to Pride or LGBTQIA spaces or events in the US, I have very different thoughts and awarenesses than when I do here. (NB: Through the luck of the draw and timing and probably societal structures I live with a man and not a woman, which means that my experience is different than others’ and than it could have been.) There is homo-, bi-, and transphobic violence in Sweden as well, don’t get me wrong, but it takes different forms and isn’t as likely to leave the same large-scale devastation.

Hatred and intolerance kill, directly and indirectly. Guns mean that someone’s rage and hateful decisions can grow exponentially. Both of these things are true, but neither of these things have to be an everyday truth.

I read in a comment somewhere that grief is love that has nowhere to go, but I think that our grief has a lot of places to go. We need our anger and sadness and frustration to breed action and constructive change.

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